It’s All In The Details: Announcing Our February Brand Spotlight – 7 Diamonds

By | Mens Fashion

We are excited to announce our brand spotlight for February, a brand that our curators absolutely love – 7 Diamonds. Started in the spring of 2000, 7 Diamonds has quickly become well-known for their attention-to-detail, premium fabrics, and little details that you just don’t see that much any more.


It really is the little details that make all the difference and 7 Diamonds goes the extra distance to add things that you might not notice right-away but that just make you smile when you see them. As you know we’re fanatical about fit here at Fashion Metric and 7 Diamonds has done a great job making standard sizes that don’t fit like a box, they have a great look and offer a much-needed deviation from the standard small, medium, and large.


Take a look at this shirt called The Graduate shown above. Notice the placket? There’s a strip of blue with external stitching going down the center of the placket, sure it’s not necessary, but it’s little details like these that really make the difference. Couple this with the fact that they use a plaid pattern we’ve never seen before and you can see why 7 Diamonds is one of our curator’s and customer’s top picks.

We just added sweaters to our store and 7 Diamonds has some wool sweaters that honestly feel like cashmere. Also, like everything else they make, the little details really shine and the fit makes it looks like you got a sweater made just for you. Here’s one of our curator’s personal favorites, the Samana in Slate:


So this month we are very proud to feature some amazing 7 Diamonds selections that we think you are absolutely going to love. As usual you can expect free returns so there’s never any risk to giving a new brand a shot. Couple this with the fact that we use our fit technology to find your ideal size and we think you might just have discovered a new brand you’re going to love for years to come.

You can view our curator’s selections from 7 Diamonds here. Enjoy and get ready to look good, really good!

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