Bold Metrics is a SaaS solution for retailers and brands to reduce returns, improve sustainability and supercharge their supply chain from the ground up. Using a comprehensive set of machine learning and A.I technologies to accurately predict customer body measurements, we help apparel brands unlock the power of body data to meet the demands of today’s increasingly personalized world.

Inspired by her family craft in Master Tailoring, our founder realized that the old world tailoring methods could be revolutionized to align with eCommerce. In 2012, the team started building machine learning and mathematical algorithms to make it possible for shoppers to get fitted for custom clothing without a measuring tape by accurately predicting customer body measurements using just a few simple data inputs.

We soon realized the incredible opportunity that lay in helping brands unlock the power of body data. Building on our expertise, we relaunched as a Saas company and made our core technology and solutions available to apparel brands worldwide. Since 2015, Bold Metrics has led the fit technology revolution with proven results in helping brands to reduce returns, boost conversions, and actively improve sustainability efforts in measurable and impactful ways.