5 Must-See Apparel eCommerce Talks on Monday at ShopTalk 2016

Apparel eCommerce

In less than 24 hours ShopTalk will kick-off and as we speak innovative retailers and brands from around the world are making their way to Las Vegas. Over the last week we have scoured the ShopTalk agenda to highlight some of the best talks and panels and today we’re excited to share some of our top picks.

ShopTalk 2016

If you want to know how the online shopping experience is changing for apparel brands and retailers these five talks should be high on your list tomorrow.

Monday Apparel eCommerce Panels & Talks

8:30AM – 8:50AM: Opening Keynote by Jerry Storch, CEO, Hudson’s Bay Company

11:15AM – 11:55AM: Track 2 – Driving In-store Mobile Engagement

Mary Beth Laughton (SVP Digital, Sephora)
Ratnakar Lavu (CTO, Kohl’s)
Pawan Verma (SVP / Chief Information Officer, Foot Locker)

Retailers are redefining the offline shopping experience for connected consumers. Today, shoppers use their mobile phones for functions such as barcode scanning and wayfinding as well as to access shopping lists, promotions, loyalty rewards programs and more. (Read more)

12:00PM – 12:40PM: Track 2 - Emerging In-Store Interactive Technologies

Healey Cypher (CEO & Co-Founder, Oak Labs)
Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky (Founder & CEO, Memomi Labs)
Todd Starcevich (VP, Direct-to-Consumer, Americas, VF Corporation)
Maggie Winter (Co-Founder & CEO, AYR)

Retailers have invested in a variety of new digital store technologies ranging from interactive displays to digital mannequins, virtual dressing rooms, smart shelves, magic mirrors, digital signage and more. (Read More)

1:40PM – 2:20PM: Track 2 – Creating and Managing Omnichannel Customer Experiences — Prices, Products and Promotions

Harvey Bierman (VP eCommerce Technology & Operations, Crocs)
Kevin Ertell (SVP, Digital, Sur La Table)
Mary Lou Kelley (President, e-Commerce, Best Buy)
Aimee Lapic (SVP / Chief Marketing Officer and Online GM,Banana Republic)

Creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience is a complex undertaking. Retailers must decide how to manage issues including prices, products and promotions across every consumer touchpoint and balance the level of consistency their customers demand with their own internal capabilities. (Read More)

1:40PM – 2:20PM: Track 1 – Recommerce Startups Driving Sales

Manish Chandra (Founder & CEO, Poshmark)
Tracy DiNunzio (CEO & Founder, Tradesy)
Sebastien Fabre (CEO & Co-Founder, Vestiaire Collective)
James Reinhart (CEO & Co-Founder, thredUP)

The recommerce trend is growing, with an increasing number of companies providing end-to-end services for consumers to sell unwanted products. The creation of these streamlined secondary market platforms not only enables increased convenience in sales of used goods, but helps establish resale markets and the value of products, boosting primary market retail sales. (Read More)

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