3 Ways To Know If A Dress Shirt Doesn’t Fit You

By | Mens Fashion

Just because you’ve been wearing the same three dress shirts for the last six-months doesn’t necessarily mean they fit you. In fact, many guys wear button down shirts that are either too big or too small and they just go with it. Next time you’re at work, look around, how many of your co-workers are wearing shirts that billow in the wind like a parachute? Chances are the numbers are high, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them.

Dress shirts can start as cheap as $20 and you can actually buy some pretty slick shirts for under $100 so you can’t blame price for the reason your shirt doesn’t fit you. So no more excuses, wearing clothes that fit will make you feel good and yes, your friends and co-workers will notice. Here are three ways to know if a dress shirt doesn’t fit you:

  1. When your shirt is untucked it looks like you’re wearing a dress – seriously, untuck your shirt and look in the mirror, if it looks absolutelyridiculous it doesn’t fit. While a dress shirt doesn’t have to be skin tight, it shouldn’t billow out at the bottom and go down to your knees.
  2. The sleeves shouldn’t get completely wrinkled after you take off your sports coat – how often has this happened to you? You put on a sports coat and then head to dinner, then you take your coat off and the sleeves of your dress shirt are completely wrinkled. That shouldn’t happen and it doesn’t have to, a dress shirt that fits you right will still look nice and crisp even after you take off your coat.
  3. You would have to be on steroids for the shirt to touch your chest – ah the chest, one of the most important yet commonly ignored parts of the dress shirt. The chest of your dress shirt should not blow in the wind when you’re walking down the street and you don’t need to be a professional body builder for the fabric to physically make contact with your chest.

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