3 Ways To Increase Apparel eCommerce Sales During The Holidays

By | eCommerce, Fashion Industry

Q4 is the quarter where most eCommerce stores do the majority of their business for the year. The holidays are big and with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas there are three major events that you really can’t miss. The challenge is, while you are trying to get your customer’s attention, so are hundreds of thousands of eCommerce stores around the world.

The words you’ll hear the most during the holidays is “deal” and “sale” which means that your customers will be looking for a special offer. Still there are ways to increase your sales without losing money. Below are three ways to increase apparel eCommerce sales during the holidays:

  1. Gift card promotion – giving away a gift card is a great way to get people coming back without having to offer a huge discount. This not only encourages customers to come back but also allows your customers to share the discount with someone else which could mean a completely new customer for your store.
  2. Buy x get y % off – rather than giving a flat discount on your products, try giving a greater discount based on the number of products that someone buys. This can encourage larger sales so if you do end-up giving a healthy discount it is take off a much higher value sale.
  3. Free shipping – this should be a standard over the holidays but it’s amazing how many stores overlook the value of free shipping.

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