3 Ways To Go Custom On Black Friday

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Rewind five years ago and buying custom clothing usually meant going through a lengthy in-person measurement process and paying significantly more than you would for ready-to-wear clothing. This meant that custom was reserved for those with high disposable incomes. Fast-forward to today and you can actually buy custom for less than ready-to-wear in many cases and there are more custom clothiers online than ever before, and that trend is only accelerating.

In some cases custom clothing can also be given as a gift when using technologies like the Virtual Tailor since they don’t require any in-person measurements. As usual our team is plugged-into the latest-and-greatest in the online custom clothing space and they’ve found three great deals, two that can be used for gifting (i.e. no measuring required) and one that you can use to buy yourself something special.

If you’ve held-off on buying custom this Friday you can take the plunge while wearing your pajamas from the comfort of your own home while you enjoy leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast. Enjoy!


8Omakase (Coupon Code: BLACKFRI160)

Their motto is “Made to Measure, Delivered” and they do just that. Think Trunk Club for custom clothing, a new concept and last we checked 8Omakase is the first company to offer a solution like this. For Black Friday they’re offering $160 off if you use code BLACKFRI160. 8Omakase uses the Fashion Metric Virtual Tailor which means you don’t have to measure yourself and you can use this deal to give a great surprise gift customized for your man.


Pacific Issue (Coupon Code: TANKSGIVING)

Pacific Issue is on a mission to rid the world of boring shirts. They are shaking up the custom clothing space by focusing on fun more casual custom shirts. We’ve spotted one of our founders wearing his latest purchase from Pacific Issue a few weeks in a row now so it seems to be one of his new favorites. They also use the Virtual Tailor to fit shoppers in under a minute so you can give the gift of custom as a surprise for the holidays. Use coupon code TANKSGIVING and you’ll get a free men’s or women’s tank-top after purchasing two or more custom shirts.

Indochino Black Friday

Indochino (Coupon Code: BLKFRI)

Vancouver-based custom clothier Indochino is offering some serious savings for Black Friday with up to 70% off custom clothing on their site. You won’t be able to give this as a surprise gift as they recommend that you visit on of their showrooms, but it could make a great early Christmas present for yourself. If you’re in New York, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Vancouver, or Beverly Hills you can visit a showroom and get measured, and yes – if you want to look as slick as James Bond at your company holiday party, this might just be your best bet.

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