3 Trends To Watch at eTail West 2016

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eTail West is less than a week away and social media is buzzing with companies sharing some of the latest trends in eCommerce. It’s been no secret that the last few years the most popular buzzword has been “omni-channel” but over the last few years it has become clear that Omni-Channel is no longer new, it’s no longer innovative, instead it’s an imperative and a requirement to keep the status quo.


So yes, while you’ll see “omni-channel” plastered all over the convention floor, we think there are three other interesting trends that are important to highlight. Team Fashion Metric will be in Palm Springs next week (Booth #819) and we’ll do an updated post a week from today with an update on which trends emerged as the leaders of the pack this year. For now, from where we sit, here are the trends to watch at eTail West this year:

  1. Understanding how Millennials shop online - remember when being on Facebook meant you were “plugged in” to social media? Now Millennials are learning more about new trends from services like Snapchat that are used in very different way. Rather than endlessly scrolling, a new generation is swiping, and their content is moving from still photos to videos. Understanding how Millennials shop online and how to make your eCommerce store resonate with a younger generation is critical and on everyone’s minds.
  2. Personalization – this has been a hot topic for years but it’s getting even hotter now that a majority of online shoppers are browsing and buying on mobile. Personalizing content and showing the most relevant results on small screen real estate is often the difference between making a sale or losing one to a competitor. Not only are personalization technologies getting better, they also have to get faster to deliver results in the blink of an eye, because in some cases three blinks is two blinks too long.
  3. Applying data science to returns – this is a big one and it’s still early. Very little data is collected on why something is returned. This problem is amplified when a retailer or brand has a large physical footprint, making it easy for customers to buy online and return in-store. In many cases there is no data about why the shopper returned an item, and when their is, the data is very limited. If understanding why something is returned is on your mind, you’ll like what Fashion Metric is debuting this year.

If there’s one constant in the world of eCommerce, it’s change, and next week some of the greatest minds in the industry will converge to discuss how they’re addressing that change. We can’t wait!

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  1. […] This morning the conference started at 7:20AM and tomorrow it starts at 7:45AM so it’s time for bed, another exciting day awaits! If you want to learn more about the conference you can read about it here and if you want to read about the trends we predicted would we’d see this year at eTail West, feel free to check-out this post on the FM blog. […]

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