3 Secrets To Layering In Style

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Cold outside? Just because you’re bundled up doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Layering is a bit of an art and yes, there are a lot of ways to get it right, and wrong. The great thing about layering is that you can integrate different clothes from your wardrobe that you might not often mix-and-match together in a completely new way.

Read below for three secrets to layering in style and get ready to look good no matter what mother nature throws at you.


1. Scale your patterns from most dramatic to least dramatic (or vice versa) – when layering your clothes it’s all about gradual changes, this is particularly important with patterns. If you have a bold plaid button down don’t go right from this to a solid grey sweater, wear something with a bit of texture and maybe a light pattern.

Layering Clothes

2. Every layer should stand on its own – one of the key tenants of layering is making sure that every single button-down, sweater, vest, etc. can be worn on its own and still look good. You should be able to show up at a restaurant, bar, dinner party, etc. take off your jacket, shed your sweater, and still look just as good as you did when you walked in the door.


3. Use one layer as an accent piece – don’t be afraid to throw a bold bright color into the mix. That’s the beauty of layering, you have a more complex canvas to work with. You can go nuts and accent with your main outer jacket or do something more subtle like a bright scarf or bow tie or a sweater like in the image above.

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