3 Reasons Why Guys Hate Shopping For Clothes

By | Mens Fashion

We hear it over and over from guys, they like to look good, love discovering new brands, but hate the shopping experience. What this usually means is that guys default to one or two brands they know and love, and they pretty much stick with that. We have spent a long time analyzing the way that guys shop and have figured-out the three main reasons why so many guys hate shopping for clothes:

  1. Trying things on – it can be really boring to try on clothes. Sure, some people love it but most guys want to get in and get out and the whole trying on process takes a lot of time, especially when you’re trying a new brand that you don’t know your size in yet.
  2. Returns – while guys do love shopping online, the process of getting clothes, trying them on and then returning them doesn’t really pan out. Oftentimes guys will buy clothes online and if it doesn’t fit they’ll put it on a shelf where it collects dust until the return period has ended, doh!
  3. Fit – everything fits differently, a medium in one brand might be a large (or even an extra large) in another brand. Couple this with the fact that guys get bored trying things on and you can see the problem. Imagine trying on four different shirts in one brand only to find out that none fit you just right, now you’ve wasted time trying something on, it doesn’t fit, and if you’ve ordered it online, now you have to deal with returns.

At Fashion Metric we are proud to have built a platform that makes shopping for clothes a whole lot easier for guys. We tackle problems around trying things on and fit with our fit technology that matches you with brands you know will fit. This ties directly into returns since our fit technology can give you the confidence that you won’t buy something that you’ll have to return due to fit problem.

Last but not least we help guys put their shopping experience on auto-pilot. With just a little information about your body dimensions and your favorite brand we can send you awesome clothes every month personalized to your size and style. Want to shop yourself? Every month our stylists curate a selection of clothes they think you will love and the best part is you’ll know that everything you see will fit so you can focus on styles that you like.

Want to get started? Apply for our beta and be one of the first to try it – www.FashionMetric.com

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