3 Quick Style Tips For Guys – Upgrade Your Style Using What’s Already In Your Closet

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Fall is here which means that it’s time to do a turn of the crank and upgrade your style. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe, in fact just pairing a few of your old favorites together can create a brand new look. Here are three quick style tips that can help you look your best this fall using what you already have.

Collared Shirt Under Sweater1. Layer a collared shirt under a sweater – so you own a few sweaters, and you also own a few nice button downs. Putting the two together can look great as long as the colors don’t completely clash. A nice brown sweater pairs well with a light-blue shirt, that boring white button-down you save just for suits can come out to play with a crisp black sweater. The idea is simple, don’t hide your shirt under your sweater, let your collar come out to play and look a bit more fashion forward.

Jeans with Sport Coat

2. Wear your sport coat with jeans – while you might be used to pairing your stylish sport coat with a nice pair of slacks, jeans can help give a more relaxed look while still being okay for a business meeting. It’s the fall and it’s getting colder outside, if you’re already wearing jeans with a button down add your sport coat to the mix to stay warm and look a little more stylish while you’re at it.

Oxford Tie in Blue

3. Add a bow tie – so you might own one or two bow ties that only come out to play during formal events. Don’t be afraid to sport your bow tie without the suit to match. Take a simple dress shirt and add a bow tie to make your outfit look instantly more fashionable without getting too formal.

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