3 Menswear Essentials Every Guy Should Travel With

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Whether you’re heading out on a business trip or to visit relatives for the weekend there are three things that should be a mainstay in your suitcase or weekender. I like to think of these as the bare minimum to be truly prepared for any situation, while you might not need all three of these every trip, you’ll be happy you have them when you do.

In most cases you won’t have to buy anything new, but if you do, get it, throw it in your bag and come back here and thank us when it comes in handy!

Bonobos Dark Blue Jeans

1. Dark Blue Jeans
Every guy should own at least one pair of dark blue jeans. These go with so many different outfits and can be worn out at night or business casual to a lunch meeting during the day. Wear it with a button down, add a sports coat, or just throw on a t-shirt, blue jeans are a staple and should come with you everywhere you go. EffortlessGent.com has a great article all about how important dark denim is for guys.



Afterhours Shirt

2. A Button Down That Can Be Worn For Both Work + Play
When you’re traveling it can be easy to go from a meeting to a dinner or casual drinks with friends or co-workers. Going out to a bar wearing a dorky office shirt wouldn’t be your first choice, but you’re traveling and your hotel is in a different city so you’re stuck. Luckily there are some awesome shirts out there that look great buttoned-up at the office and then turn-into styling shirts for painting the town red at night. Bring at least one of these with you and wear it any day that you think will take you into the night without a chance to change.



Oxford Tie in Blue

3. A Good Tie Or Bowtie
You might not be much of a “tie guy” but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get-away with tielessness forever. Sometimes you are invited to go somewhere that requires a tie. Borrowing from a friend or from the restaurant itself won’t cut it, be a man, travel with a tie.


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