3 Men’s Summer Fashion Tips That Will Keep You Stylin’ While You Beat The Heat

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Let’s be honest. Most guys don’t keep up with the latest fashion trends, while they want to look good, “fashion” isn’t what’s occupying their minds on a summer day. As usual we’re here to help you look good and save you time and money, two things you probably want more of.

With summer heat comes the need for a refreshed wardrobe. While you could wear the clothes that have been stuffed in your closet for the last year, donning some new threads will definitely make you feel even better this summer. Below are three tips that will help you look good while you beat the heat.

Men's Summer Jacket

(Source – Esquire)

1. Summer jackets are in – sure if you live down here in Southern California you may never need one but all over the world people end-up wearing jackets on a crisp sumer night. Summer jackets are in and unlike a winter coat these aren’t so much meant to keep you warm as they are to make you look polished and dapper.

Camouflage Pants

2. Camouflage is back- no longer just for hiding in the jungle, camouflage is back and whether worn as a shirt or pants there are ways to keep it stylish. The above pants from Japanese label Beams Plus are available from Mr. Porter, paired with a jacket and button down you can definitely make a statement.

Striped Shirt

3. Stripes aren’t just for zebras – stripes are popular this summer and whether you’re going with crisp thin stripes like in the custom-made shirt from Second Button available on Fashion Metric or something funky and charismatic like this shirt from Japanese label Neighborhood.

Neighborhood Shirt

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