3 Differences Between The Way Men And Women Shop For Clothes

How Men & Women Shop For Clothes

It should come as no surprise that men and women do things differently, we all know that, but how do these differences translate into shopping for clothes. At Fashion Metric we spend a lot of time studying how men shop for clothes online and, not surprisingly we find that most clothing sites cater to the way that women shop, even when displaying menswear.

With more and more guys shopping online it is becoming increasingly important to move-away from the standard design paradox for online clothing retailers to provide an experience that guys are looking for.

There are tons of differences between the way men and women shop for clothes but there are three main differences hear about more than the rest:

  1. Women prefer the hunt, guys want a quick and effortless process – women are fine looking through page after page of clothing, comparing and contrasting different options, it’s a hunt and it’s a lot of fun. Guys hate the hunt (unless we’re talking about actual hunting) and instead prefer to see a curated selection of clothes that match their own style preference.
  2. Women are okay buying five different sizes and returning four, guys don’t – guys don’t want to try on five different sizes to get the right fit, they want the right fit right-away. This is why so many guys are incredibly brand-loyal, once they find a brand that fits they tend to stick to it. Couple this with the fact that guys find returns a complete hassle and you can see why the typical online shopping model can be frustrating for your typical guy.
  3. Most guys don’t like shopping for clothes, most women do – sure, there are absolutely guys who love shopping for clothes and women who hate it but in general most guys would rather be doing just about anything other than shopping for clothes. Women, on the other hand, can make a whole Saturday adventure out of shopping for clothes. This directly relates to point #1, the hunt isn’t fun for guys, it’s a chore, they want to get in get out and get on with their day.

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