3 Apparel Retailers With Killer Mobile Sites

When it comes to shopping online there’s no doubt that sitting at your desk with a giant monitor provides the best experience. That being said when we’re sitting at our desks we’re usually working, not shopping for clothes. What about all that time you spend on the train or waiting in line for lunch? People spend more time on their mobile phone now than ever before.

Rewind five years ago and buying clothes on your mobile phone was a crazy idea, today it’s not only possible, some retailers are innovating in ways that are making it easier than ever. Our editors did a thorough review of over 50 apparel retailers and these three stood out as companies that are really doing mobile right. Read on if you’re ready to shop till your drop, sans laptop.

1. Bonobos

Bonobos Mobile Site










Bonobos does an exceptional job of creating a clean and simple interface that makes navigating between product categories easy on a mobile device. One of the things that really stood out to us is the grey sub-category menu that appears once you’re within a product category. We’ve seen some sites try to do this with dropdown menus and it never works quite as well, Bonobos really nailed it here making it easy to immediately jump to a specific subcategory without having to scroll.

2. Burberry

Burberry Mobile Site










Burberry has become famous as an apparel retailer that has truly embraced technology and used it to maximize the user experience. Forbes said it best:

“Burberry’s advanced adoption of technology, being a company rooted in tradition, has been notable.” (Source – Forbes)

Burberry’s mobile site is like a work of art. The images pop, the navigation is clean and they do an excellent job of providing a solid user experience on a small screen. One of the innovations that really impressed us is the ability to look at 12 different images on a single iPhone screen which means less scrolling and the chance to get a more desktop-like experience on a mobile device.

3. Nordstrom

Nordstrom Mobile Site










Nordstrom puts search front-and-center on their mobile site, it’s something that’s hard to pull off but they manage to do it with flying colors. Let’s face it, people are incredibly comfortable with searching on their mobile phones and it can often be quicker than scrolling or scanning a text list.

The biggest challenge that a retailer like Nordstrom has is making it possible to view their massive selection of products without getting overwhelmed and buried with products. To that end Nordstrom has really streamlined their entire site making what could be a mess an incredibly organized and easy-to-browse experience.


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