Guys don’t have a lot of accessories, bracelets and necklaces just aren’t as popular, but there are two mainstays that every guy has, a watch and a wallet. Sure, you might use your smartphone most of the time but you probably own a watch or two. Your wallet on the other hand you don’t leave home without.

Here’s the problem though, guys are notorious for letting their wallets get completely worn, tattered and bloated. Seinfeld did a whole episode about George’s wallet, have’t seen it? Watch below:

The point? Look at your wallet right now and tell me if you think it matches the same care you put into the shirt, pants, and shoes that you wear. Probably not.

At Fashion Metric we’re all about curating the best stuff on the planet for guys. We found some of the slickest wallets in the world that will make you proud to pull out your wallet, rather than, well, looking like George. Here’s a few of our favorites, you can view all the wallets here.


No. 2 in Malbec by Bison Made
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No. 4 in Jet Black by Bison Made
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iPhone 5 wallet in Malbec by Bison Made
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