At Fashion Metric, we thrive on supporting emerging designers by sharing their talent and inspiration with the world. Yesterday we met with a Los Angeles based designer, Alicia Hardesty. You may remember her as a contestant on Project Runway (Season 10) or from her Original Tomboy line. We are excited to say that we will be featuring some of the pieces in her upcoming X^2 Collection at Fashion Metric!

Alicia Hardesty and the Upcoming X^2 Collection
Alicia Hardesty and the Upcoming X^2 Collection

X^2 is a collaboration Alicia is working on with Caltech, gathering inspiration from Science and Technology. In the beginning stages of design, we got the chance to see some of her sketches for a lab coat inspired jacket and a technology inspired hoodie. Staying true to her aesthetic from the Original Tomboy line, she is infusing changes in color, texture and fabrics in the X^2 line.

What we love about Alicia is her passion for her work. When she talks about her inspiration you can immediately sense her excitement, and it is infectious! She channels a lot of her energy into fabric selections and we had a chance to feel them with our own hands yesterday and can tell you, it’s something special. We can’t wait to see the collection come to life, but for those that are eager to have a look, here’s a sneak peek!

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