We all have a favorite pair of sweat pants. We’d never wear them outside of the house, heck I wouldn’t even wear mine at the gym, but they are oh so comfy. What if you had a pair of sweat pants that looked identical to dress pants? Sounds to good to be true? Welcome to the future, it happened.

Dress Sweat PantsYes, while they may look just like a nice part of dress pants, they are actual sweat pants, and you can buy them and wear them to work. What about an executive hoodie? Also sounds impossible right? Once again, welcome to the future.

Executive HoodieThis and many more incredibly cool fashion innovations are made possible by a super-cool company called Betabrand. If you haven’t heard of them, get ready for a new addiction. So what exactly is Betabrand?


Think of them as a Fashion Think tank, a design center where ideas run wild and new fashion investors coming out every single week. Based in San Francisco the company designs and manufactures their own clothes, tests them with cool dudes like us and then moves forward with what truly rocks. We think just about everything they have done is incredibly cool and are fairly certain you will too.

So if you’re looking for some new additions to your wardrobe, head over to Betabrand, they are very much Fashion Metric-approved!

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